Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi Recipe

Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi Recipe

The joys of bringing a taste of the Outback right into your own kitchen! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you my take on the Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi Recipe. It’s a dish that embodies the essence of the Australian outback, with a twist of elegance and a burst of flavor that’s sure to impress your taste buds. Whether you’re an avid seafood lover or simply looking to elevate your culinary repertoire, this recipe promises a delightful adventure for your palate. So, let’s dive into the world of seared ahi and spices, and embark on a culinary journey like no other.

Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi Recipe

Recipe Ingredients:

You’ll need an ensemble of exquisite ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need to make the Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi:

  1. Fresh Ahi Tuna Steaks (2 steaks, approximately 8 ounces each): The star of the show, these beautiful tuna steaks should be of the highest quality you can find. Look for vibrant, deep-red flesh with a clean, oceanic aroma.
  2. Coarse Black Pepper (2 tablespoons): We’re going big on the pepper here, and it’s the key to that irresistible crust on the ahi.
  3. Kosher Salt (1 tablespoon): Salt enhances the natural flavors of the tuna while balancing the peppery kick.
  4. Olive Oil (2 tablespoons): A drizzle of quality olive oil adds a luscious richness to the dish and helps the seasoning adhere to the tuna.
  5. Butter (2 tablespoons): For searing perfection and a touch of indulgence, we’ll be using butter to coat the pan.
  6. Lemon Juice (2 tablespoons): A zesty citrusy note to brighten up the dish and cut through the richness.
  7. Soy Sauce (1 tablespoon): The umami depth of soy sauce provides a savory contrast to the peppered exterior.
  8. Fresh Chives (2 tablespoons, finely chopped): These delicate green spears add a mild oniony flavor and a touch of vibrant color to the final presentation.
  9. Optional Garnish: Thinly sliced green onions, sesame seeds, and a lemon wedge. These are optional but highly recommended for an extra layer of flavor and visual appeal.

How to Make This Recipe:

Making the Perfect Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi may seem like a gourmet endeavor, but fear not – I’m here to guide you through every step, ensuring that your journey to seared perfection is nothing short of spectacular.

Step 1: Prepare Your Tuna Steaks

  • Begin by taking your fresh Ahi tuna steaks out of the refrigerator and allowing them to come to room temperature for about 15 minutes. This ensures even cooking.

Step 2: Season with Pepper and Salt

  • While your tuna is tempering, take the coarse black pepper and kosher salt and combine them in a small bowl. This will be your seasoning mix.

Step 3: Coat the Tuna

  • Carefully pat the tuna steaks dry with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture.
  • Sprinkle the prepared seasoning mix evenly over both sides of each tuna steak, gently pressing it into the flesh to create a flavorful crust.

Step 4: Heat the Pan

  • Place a heavy-bottomed skillet or frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the olive oil and butter, allowing them to melt and become hot but not smoking.

Step 5: Sear the Tuna

  • Gently place the seasoned tuna steaks into the hot pan, ensuring they are not crowded. You want a nice sear, not a steam.
  • Sear the tuna for approximately 1-2 minutes per side for rare to medium-rare, or adjust the cooking time to your desired doneness. Remember, ahi tuna is best enjoyed when it’s still pink in the center.
  • As the tuna cooks, you’ll notice a beautiful crust forming on the outside, thanks to the black pepper.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

  • In the last 30 seconds of cooking, drizzle the lemon juice and soy sauce over the tuna steaks. Tilt the pan slightly to gather the flavorful liquid and spoon it over the steaks.

Step 7: Garnish and Serve

  • Carefully remove the seared tuna from the pan and place it on a cutting board.
  • Sprinkle the finely chopped fresh chives over the top of the tuna steaks for a burst of color and flavor.
  • Optionally, garnish with thinly sliced green onions, a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and a lemon wedge.

Step 8: Slice and Enjoy

  • Using a sharp knife, slice the seared ahi tuna into thin, elegant pieces. The inside should reveal a perfect pink center, while the outer layer boasts a peppery, flavorful crust.
  • Serve your creation immediately, and relish in the exquisite flavors and textures you’ve just brought to life in your own kitchen.

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